Different Types Of Tattoos You Can Get

You may have been waiting to get a tattoo for a long time. However, if you are going to doing it and especially if you have waited a long time to get one then you should make sure that you do it right. Reading up on tattoos will make you aware of the different types of tattoos out there. Therefore you may have a design in mind however, knowing about the many types of tattoos will help you add to the design you already have in mind.

The Types

If you are not aware of the different types of tattooing styles available then doing your research on the topic can be very beneficial to you. If you were to search for different categories of tatts this will likely present you with a list of options, from traditional tattoos to watercolour tattooing methods.

Traditional Style

If you are looking to get a tattoo with bright colours and iconic designs then a traditional tattoo is the look that you should go for. Traditional tattoos is likely the most well-known form of tattooing therefore if you want to experience something a little less common then you should consider looking into different types of tattooing categories.


If you are looking for something colourful then watercolour tattoos are a good category to consider. Getting a watercolour tattoo will make the tattoo stand out amongst other tattoos due to the vibration of colours that will be used. Therefore if you want something subtle then a watercolour tattoo is generally not a good idea as it will be hard to miss.


If you are looking for a tattoo with a deep meaning and a lot of history and tradition behind it then a tribal tattoo is a good option. Tribal tattoos are the oldest of tattoos dating back to about thousands of years. Tribal tattoos often do not have a lot of colour as they are most often done in black with detailed patterns.


Illustrative tattoos can be inspired by a lot of art. This style of tattooing can be very versatile as there are many options such as engraving, fine line calligraphy and even abstract expressionism.

Which One For You?

As there are so many different tattooing methods to pick from you should first do your research on each type of methods in order to understand which method speaks to you the most. You can even opt to have samples seen of each category and speaking with your tattoo artist can also help you make your decision. You may have a certain area of your body that you want to get tattooed however, it is best to get the advice of your tattoo artist because there are certain areas of your body that can be very sensitive and may be difficult to tattoo. Therefore in order to make the process safe and less painful for yourself, you should speak with your tattoo artists of which area of your body is the best to tattoo.

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