How You Can Promote Your Art

As an artist, you can’t just be creative alone. You need to have marketing skills that you can use to promote your art. Otherwise, how would you stand out from the rest? Evaluate where you currently stand- are you just starting your career? Then you’ll need to work on your reputation. Are you ready to move on to an international audience? Each aim is specific and determines how you need to go about promoting your art. Nevertheless, here are some general tips you can use to promote your artwork.

Your Portfolio

By developing a solid portfolio, you build up your brand. Having a portfolio handy makes it easier to get into competitions, market your art or even post on your own website. Remember, to make a strong portfolio, you need to visually attract your viewers. The visuals need to compel them to read more about your work and about you. So firstly, choose well-executed high exposure photographs that will command the viewer’s attention. Then make sure you have a caption in bold font that gives them an insight into the message you’re trying to express. You’re not only selling the art but the story as well. Then to seal the deal, you need to have a strong bio, that includes your background, how you’ve developed your art, the message you want to spread the world, your inspirations, etc.

Internet Presence

The age of digital marketing has been a godsend to all creative people in the industry. Build up a website, and set up business account pages on Facebook and Instagram for fans to easily find you and view your work. This is a great way to keep people interested in what you do by giving them constant updates. So you have to make sure that these accounts are regular and active. Make sure to include your contact details on your website and pages so interested buyers can contact you. A successful internet presence can truly put you on the map if you’re lucky.

Gallery Representation

It’s great to have an online presence but at the end of the day working with a gallery can directly put you in contact with a niche market of buyers and give you a considerable amount of exposure through exhibitions, events and public relations. Galleries will usually feature your work on their website as well as their social media, enhancing your own social media presence in the process. Check out an art gallery and event space hire on Chapel Street, Melbourne if you’re looking for more physical representation.

Community Outreach

When you volunteer at charity events, fairs or community projects you open yourself up to many more opportunities. Not only are you building your reputation and making yourself seem more personable to the public, you may also get many people interested in your art that you can hand out your business cards to. Essentially you’re making yourself more likable as well as promoting your art in one go.

These are the best ways you can promote your art in this day and age. There are plenty of creatives out there struggling to be heard amongst the others, so make sure your message is compelling enough to grab attention and turn heads.  

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